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  • Check your Git tags match your tag_format; tags using other formats are ignored during calculation of the next version.

Increasing Verbosity#

If you are having trouble with Python Semantic Release or would like to see additional information about the actions that it is taking, you can use the top-level -v/--verbose option. This can be supplied multiple times to increase the logging verbosity of the semantic-release command or any of its subcommands during their execution. You can supply this as many times as you like, but supplying more than twice has no effect.

Supply -v/--verbose once for INFO output, and twice for DEBUG.

For example:

semantic-release -vv version --print


The -v/--verbose option must be supplied to the top-level semantic-release command, before the name of any sub-command.


The volume of logs when using DEBUG verbosity may be significantly increased, compared to INFO or the default WARNING, and as a result executing commands with semantic-release may be significantly slower than when using DEBUG.


The provided GitHub action sets the verbosity level to INFO by default.