When executed this command will print the changelog to stdout.

If the option --post is used then the program will check if there is a authentication token configured for your vcs provider (GH_TOKEN for github, GL_TOKEN for GitLab) and it will be posted to the provider if supported.


Publish will do a sequence of things.

  1. Run same as the version command
  2. Push changes to git
  3. If upload_to_pypi is not false in the Configuration it will create the wheel and upload to pypi using twine.
  4. If the environment variable GH_TOKEN (or equivalent for your vcs provider) is set then changelog will be executed and the changelog will be posted to your vcs provider if supported.


This will figure out the new version number using Parsing of commit logs, and commit + tag in git.

This will not push anything to any remote. All changes are local.